One of the most convenient things to do when visiting a different country on a low budget is to also consider the different backpacking spots that best suit your needs. With a clear breach about where in South Africa can you find the best backpacking, whether near the beach, historical sites or just somewhere you can enjoy a nice time with the locals? Spiralling through the best accommodation that South Africa has, I had to also write down from the beach life and historical spots and experience from the scariest backpacking. To my expectations, I was more baffled with the comments you get from visitors saying things life “township backpacking, is one of the most dangerous things to experience.” The best thing I love about backpacking is the fact that you can share different stories and converse with different traditions, travel experiences and the best and weirdest food experiments. I had to try out in one of the most well-known not-so-safe township called Alexandra. But, you may know how this place is with regards to how the media has labelled it as the biggest amongst crime Rate Townships in South Africa. Undeniably correct, although this place has one of the best spots you can also experience and explore without fearing much. Just a hint, try streaming through with someone who knows the best spots and the safest to take pictures without fearing for your life the most. I still recommend Naledi or Lebo’s backpacking in Soweto. I must say, at…

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