As some countries prepare to celebrate National Farmers Day, John
Deere Africa Middle East (AME), would like to thank all farmers; the many men, women, and
families who plow, sow, feed, harvest and who work tirelessly year round to contribute to food
and resource sustainability for the billions in Africa and the Middle East.
“Thank you to all our farmers for being an inspiration to us all,” says Stephan Nel, Divisional
Sales Manager at John Deere. “Those of us who enjoy the fruits of their labour seldom see the
commitment, dedication, long hours, passion and resilience that is needed to succeed in
farming. We thank all who farm or support farmers in any way.”
Farmers Day, originally referred to as Old Farmer’s Day, is celebrated each year to recognize
the hard work, dedication, and overall contribution to the economy while promoting awareness
and importance of farmers worldwide.
John Deere AME resonates with the importance of National Farmers Day and believes that
every day, week, month, and year, all farmers should be celebrated and recognized for their
commitment, dedication, long hours, community involvement, passion and resilient spirit.
John Deere remains dedicated to providing support through our committed channel network and
transferring expertise to all farmers, whether small or large, in order to revolutionise agriculture
in Africa and the Middle East and in celebration of National Farmers Day internationally, John
Deere wishes to highlight the many valuable resources available to those in the agricultural
While remaining at the forefront of the ever-growing digital era and technological advances,
John Deere has developed a “library” of resources for farmers: from podcasts to talk
shows, this leader in agriculture strives to remain a trusted resource.
● Virtual Showroom: Launched in September 2020, the unique Africa Showroom is a
website that showcases the latest in John Deere products using cutting-edge virtual
reality (VR) and 3D technology. It was built for farmers who would like to view equipment
without physical limitations, or who, due to health or distance, cannot visit their local
● Digital Talk Show: The very popular agricultural talk show, Tech Terrain, focuses on the
agricultural value chain in Africa and is a platform where expertise is shared by various
industry role players.
● Podcast: Boerpot/AgPod Podcast Series aims to inspire and create conversations in the
agricultural landscape.
● News Journal: The John Deere Journal serves as a valuable portal for newsworthy
highlights, unique stories, interactive experiences, news and opportunities within
● Videos: The John Deere Africa Middle East YouTube Channel seeks to provide insight
and allows farmers to watch product videos, helpful tips and advice, promos and other
John Deere content which is easily accessible from mobile phones.
● App: A variety of apps designed to help farmers increase the performance and
productivity of their equipment.
● Training: John Deere has a comprehensive training library available for farmers to use,
including manuals and workbooks to support their success in farming and agriculture.
● Resources: Other valuable resources to mention a few, include their breakthrough in
technology with their JDlink telematics device and mobile app, the, Operations Centre,
Tools Integration as well as their SMART Campaign, Green Revolution Campaign and
Parts Catalogue, these all form part of the many innovative platforms John Deere utilises
to remain at the reach of its customers to improve service, communication and increase
John Deere AME continues to invest in digital platforms to proactively reach its customers, no
matter where they are based

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