AstraZeneca ( is pleased to announce its partnership with MYDAWA as part of our commitment to work towards a future where all people have access to sustainable healthcare solutions for life changing treatment and prevention.

Through the partnership with Kenya’s leading ePharmacy, patients will have convenient, private  access to AstraZeneca’s innovative products via the MYDAWA platform, with deliveries made by a fully licensed and qualified Pharmaceutical Technologist (Pharmtec) able to provide advice on AstraZeneca medication administration and adherence. As part of the service patients will also be able to engage with an online telehealth pharmacist for a more in-depth medical consultations.   

This partnership with AstraZeneca is a further commitment to make life a little easier for those people who are managing chronic conditions

The service offering for AstraZeneca products available through MYDAWA will include patient refill reminders to support adherence to treatment for better health outcomes. Patients will also be provided with educative AstraZeneca patient information leaflets and are able to attend AstraZeneca Patient Talks, which provide early disease awareness information and education, empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their health.  

Arpit Bansal, Sub Saharan Africa Country Director for AstraZeneca, says: “Healthcare is our core business and at the heart of all we do. AstraZeneca’s mission is to “push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.” The partnership with MYDAWA is part of this commitment to ensure our medicines are available to people who need them by investing in innovative technologies and e-healthcare systems that help to expand access. Focus on patient education through this partnership will also help to build a patient’s understanding around the factors that affect their health and is an essential part of achieving better health outcomes.”

“Our goal at MYDAWA has always been to be a trusted partner for busy Kenyans by providing access to safe and affordable medication, which is at the heart of everything we do. This partnership with AstraZeneca is a further commitment to make life a little easier for those people who are managing chronic conditions. The access to patient education, as part of an end-to-end care regime, will further empower people to better manage their conditions” said MYDAWA Managing Director Tony Wood

Our longstanding commitment to patients has led us to reimagine our patient-focused ways of working, as we embed it across every aspect of our company to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes people care about most so they can enjoy fulfilling lives.

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