There are always two sides to one world. What a way to start the coming year, than to explore Egypt in seven days and learn the history and culture it has to offer. Sure Egypt is one of those beautiful places you’d love to experience, but where do you start? Being in Cairo, near the grand pyramids, I can say they are far more majestic in person than you would ever see on the television. The sheer size of them is enough to overwhelm the most travelled of nomads. But let’s take a real look at Egypt. Is it all beauty and wonder, or does it have a few hidden secrets too Ancient culture between women and men:The culture here is so interesting and much more vague, should I say? As women in Egypt, they had these nice clothing that curved they bodies and showed a lot of skin. Showing of the skin or tight clothing was and has always been allowed. As for the men, they wore wrapped around skirts called the Shendyt. The Museum:We stooped by at the Egyptian museum in Cairo and got to experience the eerie Mummy’s room. There are over 100 thousands pieces in the museum, I was astonished by how the tour guide explained most of the items in the museum including the treasurers from Tutankhamun’s tomb that is set at the value of 2 trillion dollars. Very gold pieces I should say, almost everything in this museum is surely made out of the…

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