Heaven feels
amazing. The view and the ocean from these spots are something one can never
get over.

People say, take a walk by the sea and you will come back feeling like a whole new person. I think I second that. Being in Africa, exploring through the different countries and seeing the best spots to choose from when surfing, was a great adventure and I wouldn’t mind doing again.

The 5 best
surf spots:

  1.  The Boilers – Morocco.

Located South of
the Lighthouse, Cap Rhir, an old ship boiler gives its name to the beautiful place.  With vertical line, and strong heavy winds
barging onto the walls and sharp rocks. Experts who have advised me here, say
that it is tricky getting in and out of the heavy blows. This specific location
is far bigger than Tarhazoute so it gets pretty crowded.

Best time to visit
this place will be during the winter, April to September, due to the heavy
swells resulting in the North Atlantic Ocean. The best spots to surf are easily
accessible and Morocco has wild winters. Cost of living is cheap and the local
culture is interesting and diverse.

Other best surfing spots in Morocco.

•    The Anchor spots.

•    Panoramas – for beginners

•    LaSource

•    Essaouira beach

•    Magic bay, Imsouane

  • The
    Almadies and N’Gor Island – Senegal

The best spots in
Senegal to surf at, originally named ‘Cabo Verde or Cape Green’ by Portuguese
explorers and located near the Southern tip. Facing one of the prominent Goree
Islands, further West of the Capital of Senegal. With much more than the scenic
view. This can be said to be one of the best surfers’ spots with waves coming
from different compass directions. The surges here can come from the West to
the North with a direct 260 turn, making it much more exciting for surfers who
constantly want a variety of waves.

The best time to
come surf is in January and at an affordable rate. The hottest spots to surf are
the Secret spot and world-class Ouakom.

Featured in one of
the famous movies, ‘Endless Summer.’ N’Gor Island is definitely one of the most
classical spots for surfers who know how to best spot a good wave coming. The
N’Gor is one location where they are easy pop-by, where you can easily grab a
snack, sit-in restaurant, and obviously the beaches.

Other surf spots in Senegal.

•    Yoff

•    Popenguine

  • Jeffrey’s
    Bay – South Africa

Just halfway
between Durban and Cape Town lies one of the best surf spots in the world.
Considered to be one of the famous spots to surf, with surfing competitions
across the globe and the annual Pro surfing competition that takes place every
July because of its awesome waves. This spot is located in the Eastern Cape of
South Africa about an hour’s drive out of Port Elizabeth, and definitely, one
to never miss. The Supertubes has been located as one of the best spots to surf.

Other surf spots in South Africa are:

•    Muizenberg

•    Dunes

•    Nahoon reef

•    Cape St Francis

•    Outer Kom

  • Praia
    do Tofo – Mozambique

Even though it has
been considered one of the best beaches in the Mozambique. With careful
temperatures and a very convenient location for the locals alike, and
backpackers who are on a strict budget, visitors can also enjoy this very much
cheap and welcoming atmosphere.

Other surf spots in Mozambique:

  • Barra
  • Guinjala
  • Tofinho
  • Ponta
  • Skeleton
    – Namibia

Under extreme
investigations and only discovered in 2008, The Skeleton beach has become one
of the most prominent beaches to surf in. With heavy waves, this beach is most
useful for the experienced surfers who are most likely fearless. The water is
extremely cold, advise, come prepared for the day.

Other surf spots in Namibia:

  • Thicklip
  • Guns
  • Cape
  • Bocock’s
  • Wreck

So when you decide
to want to come surfing in Africa, be on the lookout.

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