Welcome, dear reader, to the new, re-branded Nomad Africa Magazine, the flagship brand of 2414 publishing (Pty) Ltd.

Over the past half a decade, Nomad Africa Magazine has flourished, established itself as the next generation of Travel & Tourism News and, we are proud to say, is now renowned as a household name within the African travel and tourism community.

And what a ride it has been for us!

As we have grown, our team has travelled across the length & breath of the continent (and beyond), we have experienced rich, vibrant cultures, explored vast terrains and encountered countless, unique stories that we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy bringing to life for you. Thanks a million to all our supporters and followers, welcome to all the newbies.

Have you noticed our ‘new look’ website?

I’m sure you will have noticed that the daily online travel & tourism news site, https://www.nomadafricamag.com/ , has a fresh, new look designed to bring readers from across the globe the same engaging content they have come to know and love and rely on, with the addition of plenty of new digital media add-ons, nooks and crannies.

The rich multimedia site is now packed with daily updates, trending news, insightful columns, in-depth analysis and research, video, webinars, community news and so much more.

If you haven’t yet explored it let’s give you a rundown of the new offerings.

What’s on the new line-up?


The magazine will now reach inbound tourists directly through collaborations with tour operators in Africa’s key and emerging markets. Additional and targeted distribution ensures that our magazine reaches the local and international corporate and Niche markets.

Here’s where you find our more on the latest game lodges, bush & beach luxury destinations, regional & infrastructure information, and all the works.


At the heart of NomadAfrica’s ethos is a need to drive connection and collaboration through engaging, innovative and premium content. Our special features will serve to inspire, empower and represent African stories in the best possible way.


As a prestigious, high-quality and high-gloss publication this category is aimed at those who want, and can afford to experience Africa in luxury and pampered locations. Through subscriptions, the publication is now available to discerning tourists while they plan their dream holiday even in the comfort of their own homes.


Our niche lies in sharing the detail and experience that can be found in modern cultural diversities. We love to unearth the traditional and cultural treasures that are unique to Africa, triggering nostalgia, awe, our emotions and forming lasting memories of this continent that is home to the oldest, most enduring civilisations in the world.


Nomad Africa Travel section, or Gallivant as we have coined that branch, ensures that advertisers reach the tourist or the tour planner before and whilst their travel decisions are made (during the planning phase).

Although information in the publication can be used by travellers and tour operators, content is also visually stimulating and tastefully laid-out, utilizing the best photography and design. This means the publication can be kept as a source of reference and used for planning day trips and other activities whilst in Africa for almost ANYBODY!


We serve all the inside scoops right here! In a highly competitive industry, affluent travellers will connect with the depth of each story that is told, igniting their interest or calling them back to a destination, hotel or resort – time and time again. The skill to unearth and translate this valuable information, and weave it into a wonderful read, truly motivates us as Nomad Africa.


This is where you can meet, greet and revel in all the industry greats and events for each season. If anyone or anything in Africa is worth knowing, you will find it all here. Literally the ‘who’s who’ of travel, tourism amid all the famed lights, camera and action!


We will seek to highlight and feature top-quality articles and artiste’s right here. Whatever your taste is entertainment and arts wise, we will get you your fix. From music, fine art, comedy to events or adventure, conservation, eco-tourism, entertainment, business travel and more.


Watch all the most engaging and eye catching video news updates on the industry right here on NomadTV.


Now, more than ever, our aim is to promote tourism & travel as we look forward to the re-emergence of the tourism and travel industry in a post-COVID-19 world. We have aptly christened this phase ‘UNLOCKING AFRICA!’ and we are super pumped to walk with you into this potentially ground-breaking new era in the tourism industry.

“The word unlock or unlocking is the opposite word for Lockdown, our new theme is representing how Africa Is coming out of the COVID crisis and also how we as Nomad Africa will be ‘Unlocking’ new opportunities that have arisen in the ‘new normal”, says John Akinribido, CEO and co-founder of 2414 Ltd. “In each new category we will be seeking to showcase what different people, businesses, cultures are doing to ‘unlock’ themselves as we restore Africa and the industry to an even greater ‘normal’.”

Watch this space!

Advertisers will also now benefit from featuring alongside original, niche content delivered daily and on a larger scale by an established and trusted brand.

New, ultra-modern digital features are in the pipeline to be unveiled on the online platforms over the next 3 months, with each new feature being communicated in a special mailer to subscribers and promoted online. Each month, these new features and exclusive content, which agents can keep for reference, will be printed and bound into special editions, and distributed to our valued subscribers.

If you already regularly purchase the digital edition of Nomad Africa Mag or are registered as a reader of nomadafricamag.com, the change will be seamless. If not, click here to subscribe.

Originally borne out of a vision to publish Africa’s first pan African Travel & Tourism magazine, 2414 Publishing 2414 (Pty) Ltd took over the Nomad Africa brand in 2015.

Since 2015  up until the present moment, 2414 Publishing has grown the brand through its extensive contacts and networks to become a high end retail magazine in Southern Africa  as well as being distributed in selected African countries and in most VIP lounges of international airports, business class sections of selected airlines, Four and Five Star Hotels.


  • In print, the publication is available across Africa at selected stores and Exclusive Books stores
  • At Embassies, Airport lounges, game lodges, Hotels and Tourism bodies and in first and second class on select airlines.
  • At exclusive VIP lounges, luxury cruise liners
  • Online, the magazine will be available as an e-zine at https://estore.nomadafricamag.com/ .

Present distribution outlets across Africa are South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth), Nigeria (Lagos), Ghana (Accra), Zimbabwe (Harare), Zambia (Lusaka), Namibia (Windhoek), with Rwanda, Kenya, Seychelles to be added in the coming months.

As with any journey we have experienced many highs and some inevitable lows in the long trek to becoming the present day Nomad Africa. Our aim continues to broadening our African footprint and positioning ourselves as a standards conscious media company that prides itself with contributing to the economic development of the African continent.

We have no doubt that there are more, new, exciting opportunities and adventures on the doorstep waiting to be explored and yet to be discovered as we continue to travel, tour and UNLOCK AFRICA!

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