Call them snacks or a meal. Mopani worms are Limpopo’s favourite that is served dry or with stew. Matomani, masonja, mashonzha, amasonja or Mopani worms – are known to be Limpopo’s favourites. Even though they may be given different names and may be described as the worst digestible food ingredients by people. The worms are known to be good for their extreme protein and nutrients. One lady added that they taste even better when dipped in raw honey. Her exact words were, “they taste way better than chicken.” The worm is a large caterpillar of the Gonimbrasia Belina, called the emperor moth. Very interesting story of how the lady literally tells you the history and background of these mouth-watering snacks to enjoy whilst still driving to your destination or just whilst watching a movie. Some people may call it gross, whilst the Limpopo people may call it “delicious.” A friend and I whilst sprawling through to Limpopo and seeing all these “try these delicious worms” by the food stalls, we were more intrigued and wanted to experiment ourselves. They say that the best memories are the worst and best endured. Buying just one packet of the caterpillar worms that cost us R100 per packet, and come out dry. I should warn you and say that even the packaging and the look of the worms are definitely not appetising. Very tender, different taste indeed. They still caterpillars, and they look weird in all angles. The lady at the food stalls reassured…

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