Ethiopia’s weather doesn’t leave much room for the thrill of uncertainty—it’s mostly pleasant with no surprises. From October to May, travelers can bask in the sunshine with limited rainfall. Even during the country’s cloudy days, from June to August, when rain showers are at their heaviest, a little bit of sunshine is always guaranteed. The country’s weather varies with elevation and it’s wise to check each city’s forecast before starting your journey. Besides, some areas are better visited in a cooler season than others. This guide will help you plan your visit to Ethiopia. January Drum beats, chants of religious songs, a sea of people dressed in white—the celebration of the Ethiopian Epiphany, Timket, is a glimpse of Ethiopia’s spiritual side. The holiday is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan with a festival that lasts for three days. Deacons wearing golden robes carry replicas of the Ark of the Covenant called Tabot to Jan meda, Addis Ababa, a place where the celebration takes place. Priests and deacons pray on a pool of water and spray it on people to purify their souls from sin. The parade taking place is spectacular to witness and be a part of. January is also a good time to visit Ethiopia to see the Ethiopian Christmas celebration. Yegena chewata, a game similar to hockey, is played during this holiday. The weather is cheerful and packing light clothes is recommended. February Trekking in the Semien Mountains is ideal in February. The dry season makes ascending Ras Dashen, the highest mountain…

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